The Original Menorca

Sant Ignasi is the first rural hotel in Menorca that connects your essence with that of the island.

The Original Menorca is a travel experience to the origins of Menorca,
a place where the spirit of the island is intertwined with ours.

We found this old eighteenth century aristocratic estate surrounded by a forest of centuries-old evergreen oaks and cork oaks. What was then a summer family home, is now our hotel, which still preserves that historical origin and that Menorcan essence.

Sant Ignasi en Menorca

We firmly believe in returning to the origin.

That is why every corner is the result of craftsmanship and art brush strokes that reflect its unique character.

Experience the return to the roots of the island where time stops and you connect with life as it was then.

EAt Sant Ignasi you will find a place where you can learn to appreciate the extraordinary richness of simplicity and a team that puts all its passion into giving you the opportunity to live experiences that will leave a mark on you.

Front desk hours 07:30 h – 23:30 h
Restaurant hours 13:00 h – 15:00 h and 19:30 h – 22:00 h

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Sant Ignasi en Menorca

Immerse yourself in the "Paradise", our forest, where every walk becomes an intimate encounter with nature. Wake up to the song of birds, listen to the sound of cicadas that mark the rhythm of summer, and feel every branch of the trees swaying to the beat of the Menorcan breeze.

In addition, you can enjoy a unique sunset from our rooms. To feel it you have to live it, and we assure you that a sunset in Menorca is an experience that captivates the senses.

This natural environment becomes the perfect setting for special events where every moment is imbued with the charm of our extraordinary environment.

Hotel Sant Ignasi. The Original Menorca

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Sant Ignasi. The Original Menorca

Ronda Nord s/n, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca
Islas Baleares, Spain

(+34) 666 528 880