Experience Menorca

Experience Menorca

Menorca, a jewel in the Mediterranean heart, radiates an open and hospitable spirit, the fruit of a thousand cultures and legacies that have woven their essence.

The cobbled streets of Ciutadella and its natural harbour are like pages of an ancient book where each step reveals a new chapter of this city.

The original Menorca is also known as the Talayotic Menorca for its archaeological routes, its cultural and artistic events, or the magical trails that run along the Camí de Cavalls.

This place is full of life in every one of its corners, from the coasts to its inland forests. Nature becomes a living art, here, a symphony of life.

Without a doubt the original Menorca is not only beach, it is also countryside, it is soul, it is art and it is history to explore. Despite being called “the smallest island” it has a lot to offer both by sea and by land.

Art and history

An island where all visitors leave a part of themselves, a place full of art. You will find the best galleries, exhibitions and guided tours.

Padel and Tennis

Practising these sports is fine, but doing it in the heart of nature, is quite a spectacle. Concentrate all your energy on our tracks in the countryside and enjoy the sport like never before.

Wellness therapy

After a day full of emotions, dreamy landscapes and heavenly waters, enjoying one of our treatments, is the finishing touch you deserve.

Bicycle ride

Starting the day with a bike ride through the Menorcan countryside is a great way to start the day and it is possible thanks to our rentals.

Rent a Car

If you prefer the convenience of touring the island by car, ask for a quote and pick up your car at the airport or hotel.

Horseback riding tour

A natural experience using all your senses. Horseback riding on the Menorcan countryside is an impressive experience. From quiet rides to galloping for more experienced riders.

Boat Tour

If we had to identify Menorca with a colour would certainly be the blue of its waters. Now it is possible to discover the true navy blue colour by renting a boat (with or without a boating license or with a captain).

Camí de Cavalls

You will find one of the best routes to know each nook and cranny of the island and enjoy the beauty of each of its details.

Menorca, reserva starlight

Caring for nature is one of our strongest values. You will discover a natural sanctuary committed to the quality of the night sky and access to the beauty of the stars.

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